About Churu
Churu, the desert city of rajasthan state, is a place of historical importance. The town is said to founded by a Jat named Chuhru in 1620 AD. Churu, situated in the middle of the shifting golden sand dunes, opens the gate to the great desert of Thar. Geographically, Churu has a very dry climate with very hot summer, a cold winter and sparse rains. Administratively, it is the District headquarter of the district.
The city has a magnificent fort which is built by Thakur Khushal Singh in the year 1739 AD. The glamers fort situated in the middle of the town where it is said that the brave Thakur Sheoji Singh tried to defend its honour by firing silver canon balls at the attacking army of the Raja of Bikaner.
The magnificent Havelis, duly decorated by pictures &wall paintings.